The Urology Foundation

The Urology Foundation

About us

Why you might ask are people fundraising for The Urology Foundation (TUF) and the answer is because one in every two people will be affected by a urological cancer or condition in their lifetime, ruining hundreds of thousands of lives a year.

Prostate, bladder, kidney, testicular and penile cancers effect nearly 75,000 new patients each year and bladder and kidney problems affect up to a quarter of the population.

The Urology Foundation is the only UK's only charity representing all urological conditions from the 5 urology cancers through to conditions such as kidney stones and and incontinence. The Urology Foundation mission is simple - to save lives and the suffering caused by urology cancers and diseases. We achieve this through ground breaking research, health care professional training in technical skills and innovative technologies, education and awareness.

The money raised by this challenge, organised in aid of The Urology Foundation, will enable them to continue in their vital work and to make a very real difference.

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