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Youth service spend in the North East has decreased by 96% over the last 9 years, yet the demand for positive youth provision to support a young persons development has only increased, particularly as a result of the pandemic.

NE Youth was founded in 1935 and supports the development of children and young people aged 11-25 across the North East. Our mission is to provide a high quality, diverse and positive youth offer through our own services and by providing our members with relevant information, advice and support.

In 2021/22, we worked directly with 1,737 young people through our diverse range of programmes and had an indirect reach of over 185,000 young people through our membership network.

At the 2022 Great North Run, our incredible runners raised in excess of £12,000 for our organisation, and this core, unrestricted funding will go a long way to support the growth of our organisation, the direct work we do with young people in their communities and support us in creating new needs-led programmes for the region.

This year, to meet the increased demand on ours and our members services, we are taking part again and setting all of our runners with a task to raise £350 each. Any support to this campaign will go a long way to making a positive difference to the lives of young people.

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